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    Elizabeth  PeacePeace and Healing 

Get to the Heart of the matter in a good, good way
I will help you get the healing you need & equip you to become self-sufficinent in the most cost effective, time managed way for your optimal life.

 I'm here to Listen and to Guide

Certified Pastoral Counselor

Healing Codes II  Specialist

Inner-Healing Prayer Minister

Advanced Immediate Relief Therapy Practitioner

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Healing can Happen!Let the Light Shine, Let Your Healing Begin

I want to help you have an incredible life
with proven methods that give true relief in an affordableway

We are made with a Spirit, Soul and Body

Let's get to the root of things in a gentle, yet strong way

Ready for Freedom? Ready for Health?




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Take the Relationship Issues Finder
I will send you a link to the Relationship Issues Finder.
~ In 10 minutes diagnose your unconscious issues, and receive a 10-15 page individual interpretation.
~Your results include a scored assessment of every major relationship area in your life.



Introducing The Healing Codes IIHeart Issues Finder

 The Healing Codes II is a comprehensive program that unlocks the issues of the heart.
Included are Primary Life Codes, Heart Screen Meditations, Healing Codes II Universal Code, and Source Life Codes.





Take the Heart Issues Finder
I will send you a link to the Heart Issues Finder.
~$100 Value for FREE
~10 minute diagnosis of underlying
issues that cause illness, disease
& failure.
~10+ page instant, individual
~Developed by Dr. Loyd & PhD.
research associates.



 SuccessSuccess is for Everyone, not for the favored few!

Healing the issues that are keeping you from being successful is what Success Codes are all about. 
When you work with me, we'll pinpoint the thought patterns that are keeping you back, heal them, and get you to the next step of your success journey.






What's Keeping You From Success? Take the Test!
The Success Issues Finder uncovers issues that block you from the success you long for.
~I will send you a link to the Success Issues Finder.
~The test takes only about 10 minutes.
~Y ou receive about 10 to 12 pages of in- depth results.
~Your results include a scored assessment of every major success area in your life.
~For now, it’s FREE ($99 value).


I'm Here to Help