Elizabeth P eacePeace and Healing  

                                                                                                                                               Emotional Healing is Here



Get to the Heart of the matter in
a good, good way


I will help you get the healing you need & equip you to become self-sufficinent in the most cost effective, time managed way for your optimal life.

 I'm here to Listen and to Guide

Certified Counselor

Advanced Healing Codes 2  Specialist

Inner-Healing Prayer Minister

Advanced Immediate Relief Therapy Practitioner



Healing can Happen!Let the Light Shine, Let Your Healing Begin

I want to help you have an incredible life
with proven methods that give true relief in an affordable way

We are made with a Spirit, Soul and Body

Let's get to the root of things in a gentle, yet strong way

Ready for Freedom? Ready for Health?


I'm Here to Help